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I'm Philip LaPointe, founder of Natrualife Canada, a Canadian owned and operated Natural Health Products Company. We are pleased to serve you whether you are local or an international customer.

I grew up as a 2nd generation Pacific salmon fisherman. With a Métis Grandfather and Father, and being around the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Úxwumixw (Squamish Indigenous Nation) taught me that being sustainable is more than just about products. Sustainability has to take into consideration the delicate balance between the people and the land. Our Canadian fisherman and farmers must cooperate with nature if we are to sustain this valuable resource.

And like fisherman and farmers, consumers need to understand the products they are buying. Today, finding high quality, sustainable Natural Health products can be difficult and confusing. It is wild or farmed? Where was it caught? Where was it grown? How was it handled?

Just last month a local multi-national grocery store was selling raw fish, Wild Pacific Northwest Salmon as “Made in China”. The Pacific Northwest is in British Columbia Canada and Washington United States. No where near China! No wonder customers were confused. I’m still trying to figure that one out. 

At our core is a simple philosophy. Keep it simple, keep it real!

Canada is one of the most regulated countries in the world when it comes to Natural Health Products. Simply, Canada treat them like drugs. Natrualife was built with this in mind. I’ve spent over 27 years in the Natural Health industry in Canada. We bring benefit to both our customers and producers by providing the best Canadian health products and then delivering them worldwide at a fair price. Our prices won’t be as low as some retailers… and that’s what shoppers who seek high quality and real value will expect. We earn the same profit as most retail markets, but you enjoy nutritionals of much higher quality, delivered in a timely manner and at perfectly fair pricing.

When you choose sustainable, ethically sourced Canadian Natural Health Products you are choosing more than supplements. You are promoting your health, the health of our fishing communities coast to coast to coast, the health of our farming communities in the great Canadian Prairies, in Alberta’s Peace River, and in Ontario.

Keep in mind our products come from real Canadian fisherman, real Canadian farmers. We know where our products come from. Behind every company is real people, a Gordy, a Mike, a Katherine, an Ainsley all with their story and how they are making a difference in the Canada and around the world. 

We’re not a brokerage, or a multi-national corporation….You can buy directly from us online and in most International Airports across Canada. We just sell Canadian Natural Health Products and they are the best you can find ANYWHERE.

We welcome you to discover our products.

Philip LaPointe