BonneNuit® Cervical Neck Massager


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Barry J.
Great product

I bought this neck massager for my wife. She sit on the computer most of the time. She feel pain at her neck. So I bought this neck massage for her it was very easy to use and very comfortable. So far my wife wear it all the time. Highly recommended.

Helen P.
Love, love, love it!!!!!!

Great neck massager! It has six different modes with different patterns of vibration and heating function. I use it when I get home from work since my neck is all bundled up with tension. The product comes with a remote that allows you to change the intensity levels up to 15 which is quite powerful. Very easy to use once you figure it out.

Darlene S.
My massager is a must-have! A God-send!

My mornings usually involve back pain. I actually purchased my massager for those mornings when my neck is stiff. Was I ever surprised when the neck massager not only eliminated my neck pain, but my back pain as well! Needless to say, my massager has become a daily fixture with my recliner It prepares me for my day!

Emily R.
Great relaxer!!

The material is very touch friendly. I really like the feel of touching it. The heating of neck massager is very useful and the power is adjustable so I can set to the level I like. It is a great product and I am considering getting my parents one!

Delila A.

I love this produce!!! Really relax my neck muscle! There are 15 massage levels and a heating option. Usually, level 5 is good for me. And the battery lasts pretty long.

Jason N.
Great and Relaxing!

I recently got a lot of neck pain and doesn't matter what pillow I sleep in, the next pain never goes away. Brought this to try it out because I hear a lot of good thing about the neck massage. Got it and Try it, and the result is improving. The neck is not so stiff and able to move around freely. I usually spend 15 min to massage my neck before I go to sleep and it seems to be working. Great product.